Training Is The Best Part Of My Day

Five months. I have five months. I have to live for five more months. The workouts are getting harder. My body is trying to adjust to a demanding work schedule and a taxing exercise regimen. I’m about two months into this. I’ve got my base fitness nailed. I know I’m getting stronger. Now I’m balancing recovery and building endurance. With the increased intensity and the goal so far away, keeping my body healthy is really the only goal. If it’s written in list form, it’s very easy.

This is what I should do:

  • Wake up early & stretch & water
  • Eat protein, complex carb, vegetable
  • Kid stuff & water
  • Cross training & water
  • Eat protein, complex carb, fat, vegetable
  • Work stuff & water
  • Eat protein, fruit
  • Kid stuff & water
  • Eat protein, complex carb, fat, vegetable
  • Bike work out & water
  • Don’t eat sugar
  • Meditate & stretch & water
  • Sleep

This is what actually happens:

  • Wake up, coffee
  • Eat protein & complex carb
  • Kid stuff
  • Work stuff
  • Facebook
  • Cross training, where I ALWAYS see this guy I had the WORST date with in the weight room and it puts me in a ROTTEN mood.
  • Avoiding sugar
  • Work stuff
  • Kid stuff
  • Bike work out (some crying)
  • Eat all the food…. all of the food
  • Fall asleep on the couch, in my chamois, wake up and limp to bed and shed all my clothes and watch reruns of Frasier on Netflix until I fall asleep again.

The list is getting easier to stick to. I’ve got the wake up and the sleep happening at reasonable times. The avoiding sugar is coming along most days. Getting the kid stuff and the work stuff done. Bike workouts now equal parts smiling and crying vs mostly crying. I often ask myself, what would Tom Brady do? He would probably turn to his very hot wife and ask her to get him a vegan protein drink while he’s getting his daily massage. If he only had what I have at my disposal, I’m sure he would probably have some more water and do more planks.