LIV To Leadville

This is not the beginning. The commencement of this journey started months ago, really years. Right now I’m in the middle and the middle is where the meat is. The middle is where the magic happens. The middle is where what was, and what will be, meet and shake hands, maybe even a side hug. Ah the middle, I love the middle.

One day I thought I would get a mountain bike. That was a bad idea. I learned mountain biking is really hard. Mountain biking is not like “riding a bike”. Mountain biking is not a sport that you can just do sometimes. Mountain biking is a sport that starts to consume you. It doesn’t matter how good you are, what kind of bike you ride, how often you ride. The thing about mountain biking that grabs you, is the what if’s. What if I had a better bike? What if I was in better shape? What if I rode more often? What if went for that jump? What if I tried to ride those features? What if? Mountain biking is not something to dabble in. Mountain biking is a lifestyle.

In my adventures on 2 wheels, I have figured out the world’s’ problems but lost a weeks salary in bike tunes. I have laughed hard and cried loud. This fierce side of me came out. I wasn’t scared to go into the forest on a trail. I felt free. If I had a bike, I had everything. My life on a bike re-defined everything. My diet, my free time, my friendships, my wins and losses. My time on a bike changed my brain. I want what I want when I want it. Most of us do. I learned that you can’t always get what you want, but you can sure as shiz work hard and ask for it and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get in the same zip code.

Here’s the thing. I’m an average mountain biker who has been mountain biking for a little over one season. I’ve done a few races. I’ve been on a few longer rides. I’ve seen some different terrain and elevation. Could I do more? What if I trained for more? What if my diet changed? What if I took this mountain biking thing to a whole ‘notha level? Everyone had to start somewhere right? What if I decided to do Leadville. The Mamma Jamma, big time, for all the cookies, Leadville…. could I do it? Hell No. But what if?

Boise to Leadville and what it takes. There’s the bikes, the entries, the training, the gear, the nutrition, my job, my kids, my overconsumption of alcohol and my under consumption of vegetables. There’s the injuries, the demons, the euphoria and then there is me. Here is me. I am still me. The me that stood in front of thousands to give a speech about search engine optimization and the me that stood in front of one person who rejected my body. Here is me. In me, is you, and all of the other average, everyday, everything’s we all take on….we fail and we conquer. In me is you. From Boise to Leadville, I’ll find you in me and you will see me in you. Getting there is one thing.. finishing is my moon landing. Join me on this journey. LIV to Leadville.

Amber Frisch